Packtec Packaging B.V.

Refurbished packaging machine

Packtec Packaging B.V. is looking for a used KHS kisters machine (Schrinkwrapper) for our clients, this will be completely dismantled in our factory and fitted with the latest technology. This includes new... Read more

Servo-driven top tray dispenser

We have an in-house developed top tray dispenser with servo drive. Our two-sided drive ensures optimal operation. Top tray dispenser The right servo drive ensures stability, reliability and optimal functioning... Read more

Maintenance and overhaul

Besides making or converting new machines, we also deal with the overhaul and maintenance of existing machines. We always think along with our clients, to ensure reliability and... Read more

Used parts

We have a range of parts in stock. So should you need parts the regular supplier cannot supply at short notice? Get in touch with us. Curious what... Read more